Archive Year: 2016

25 Days of Giftmas

Dance Spirit Magazine,

Gift Guide

Harlequin's Turning Board made it onto Dance Spirit's holiday gift guide.

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Harlequin Floors’ Metallic Flooring Takes Stage Space to Next Level

Creative Handbook,

Metallic Colors

Harlequin Floors announced today Hi-Shine™ Metallic, the newest addition to their line of high gloss display floors. Hi-Shine Metallic features a reflective metallic surface for a shiny, ‘mirror’ look floor ideal for events, set design, concerts and television and film productions.

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New Technology: Imaging / Rigging / Effects

Lighting & Sound America,


Reversible Pro is the newest addition to Harlequin Floors’ line of portable marley floors. Reversible Pro features a reinforced mineral-fiber interply layer for improved tear strength and dimensional stability.

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Introducing Reversible Pro

Press Release,

Rev Pro

Harlequin Floors, the world leader in advanced technology flooring for dance, performing arts, entertainment and display, announced today Reversible Pro™, the newest addition to their line of portable 'marley' floors. 

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