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Company Overview

Recognized as world leaders in advanced technology flooring for dance, performing arts, entertainment and events, Harlequin Floors is established worldwide with operations in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia. American Harlequin Corporation is headquartered in Moorestown, NJ (Philadelphia, PA region) with offices in Fort Worth and Los Angeles. Distribution facilities are located in Moorestown, NJ and Las Vegas, NV.

In the mid 1970’s, with a growing interest in dance, a humble black vinyl commercial floor was becoming the preferred choice for stage and dance professionals. There was a need and opportunity to develop a flooring product designed specifically for performance. Backed by a small number of investors, the company was set up to produce quality, affordable dance floors using new materials that would reduce the risk of injury and help artists perform to the best of their abilities.

Message from Chairman, Bob Dagger:

“When I launched my company in England over 40 years ago, I aimed at designing floors for theater and dance using new, advanced materials. ‘Arlequin’ was a theatre character I’d studied for my French degree. The name had life, energy and color and it transposed into most European languages. A brand was born! It gives me great satisfaction that the world’s leading ballet and dance companies choose Harlequin dance floors and that Harlequin vinyl and sprung dance floors are among the most popular in the world.”