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Events & Production

Events & Production

Harlequin has been working closely with the live events community for many years to develop a range of floors for all forms of events and productions. Trust, innovation and collaboration are at the core of everything we do.


Choosing the Right Floor

Harlequin offers a selection of floors that are suitable for live events, set and display. Whether for a film/tv production, fashion show, museum, exhibit or concert stage, we can ensure the right floor is chosen.

Harlequin has extensive experience delivering flooring solutions for top companies around the world.

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View a selection of customers throughout the Americas and the Caribbean who have chosen Harlequin.

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Harlequin Floors is proud to be involved with industry leading organizations that support the dance, performing arts and entertainment communities.

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Harlequin provides guidance and information to ensure the correct floor is chosen for all performance considerations.

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