Theater & Stage

Harlequin works diligently to provide performance floors that transform stages into extraordinary spaces for dance and performing arts. We develop floors that reduce performer injury, often in collaboration with the world’s most prestigious dance companies. Trust, innovation and collaboration are at the core of everything we do.

Harlequin has extensive experience delivering flooring solutions for stage, theater and dance projects around the world.

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Harlequin Floors is proud to be involved with industry leading organizations that support the dance, performing arts and entertainment communities.

Harlequin provides guidance and information to ensure the correct floor is chosen for all performance considerations.


Theater professionals know it is important to have a stage floor that is hardwearing and functional for all of the load-ins, load-outs and rigging that need to be completed for every show. Whether you need a floor for touring, a multi-use facility, professional theater, or opera house, we can ensure the right floor is chosen.


Marley floors are suitable for the demanding needs of the theater – floors that will stand up to trucks, heavy equipment and props running over them or even floors to enhance lighting effects. Harlequin’s rollout vinyl floors can also be cut to fit around tormentors, trap doors and revolves.


With increasing awareness of health and safety legislation, it is always advisable to consider the possibility of a sprung floor. Sprung floors provide some degree of bounce and flex under impact. Performers need this to absorb shock and protect their joints from injury, especially when performing jumps. Permanent and portable options are available.


Still unsure of the right floor for you? Use Harlequin’s Floor Selector Guide to narrow down your search and get a better idea of the best floor for your performance space.