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What Does It Take to Make a Safe Outdoor Stage for Dance?

Dance Magazine,

Warmer weather is just around the corner, and with it comes a light at the end of a hibernation tunnel for many dance organizations: a chance to perform again. The great outdoors has become an often-preferred performance venue but, of course, nature likes to throw its curveballs.

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The State Ballet of Rhode Island celebrates 60 years with an outdoor dance floor from Harlequin.

Like many companies, The State Ballet of Rhode Island’s big plans for 2020 were interrupted by COVID-19. In-person classes were suspended, a 60th Anniversary Gala, and Diamond Jubilee performances of “Giselle” were all canceled. In July, when Executive Director Ana Marsden Fox realized things were not getting any better, she started having brainstorming sessions with…

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“Sunday Morning” Matinee: Tap dance

With studios and theaters still closed because of COVID, James Whiteside, principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre, brought his portable Harlequin dance mat to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park with his friend, tap artist Demi Remick, for an infectious tap demonstration. Whiteside also provides kids with dance mats of their very own through his #takethefloor2021 initiative. CBS News…

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Start 2021 on Point…

Like everyone, Harlequin is looking forward to 2021, we hope that it is a year filled with more dance and performance. As we return to stage, studio and even the big screen, we have some ideas to get you back performing on the right foot… TAKE IT OUTSIDE Need to create an outdoor performance space?…

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Your Expert Guide to Choosing the Right Dance Floor

Whether you’re putting on a pair of pointe shoes, buckling your ballroom stilettos or lacing up your favorite high tops, the floor you’re on can make or break your dancing. No matter what your needs are, Harlequin Floors has your back, or rather, your feet. We rounded up six of their most popular and versatile floors: You…

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Making a warm and inviting stage space for Lauren Daigle’s new tour

Grammy award winner Lauren Daigle burst onto the Christian music scene in 2015. Her third album, Look Up Child, led to a tour that, like everything else, was halted in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Creative direction and production design for Daigle, who has crossed over into the mainstream, were handled by Nathan…

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