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Common Dance Injuries

No matter what style of dance you perform, dancing requires a great deal of flexibility, strength, and stamina. Hours of training, rehearsals, and performances can be very demanding on a dancer’s body, especially the lower body muscles and joints. 

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Harlequin Liberty HD
Harlequin Floors Introduces Harlequin Liberty HD™ Sprung Floor Panels

Harlequin Liberty HD™ is an enhanced version of our top-selling Harlequin Liberty LatchLoc™ panel system.

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Harlequin Ballet Barre
Harlequin’s 2021 Holiday Gift Lineup Just Dropped—and It’s Every Dancer’s Dream

Between Nutcracker rehearsals, competition prep and college applications, the dancers in your life are about to jeté into their busiest season of the year.

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Supportive Flooring Is—Literally—the Key to Help Your Dancers Bounce Back Post-Pandemic

After making the most out of dancing in living rooms, driveways and basements, dancers have a newfound appreciation of the little things, like mirrored walls, sturdy barres and, especially, supportive flooring.

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Glorya PAC Theatre Stage
Glorya Kaufman Performing Arts Center opens in California

The recently-opened Glorya Kaufman Performing Arts Center in California was outfitted with Harlequin Floors.

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Sideline reporters
Harlequin Hi-Shine™ Scores on TV Sets and Stages

Harlequin Hi-Shine™ is a favorite of set and stage designers for college and pro football events around the United States.

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