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Playground Downtown

“Harlequin Floors emerged as the clear choice, aligning perfectly with our values and aspirations.”

  • Robin Antin
  • Co-Owner of Playground LA and Playground Downtown
  • Los Angeles, CA
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Collage Dance Collective

“The safety and well-being of our dancers is one of my top priorities, so installing premier dance flooring in our new Center for Dance where our professional ballet company and more than 400 students within our conservatory train each week was very important to me. Utilizing Harlequin WoodSpring® sprung floor systems in our studios is one of the intentional ways we invest in the wellbeing and dreams of the diverse professional artists and budding dancers we serve.”

  • Marcellus Harper
  • Executive Director & Co-Founder, Collage Dance
  • Memphis, Tennessee
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American Repertory Ballet

“My association with Harlequin Floors spans well over two decades, connected not only to my roles on stage as a performer, but also to my roles behind the scenes. In both cases, Harlequin has always provided an excellent product and one with personalized customer service.”

  • Ethan Stiefel
  • Artistic Director, American Repertory Ballet
  • New Brunswick & Princeton, NJ
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USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance

“USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance is an entire school dedicated to dance theory, practice and research. From ballet to hip hop, USC Kaufman’s hybrid dance artists need floors as flexible as they are. Whether in the studio, on stage or on campus, Harlequin Liberty® portable panels and Harlequin WoodSpring® permanent floors will give them that flexibility and protection.”

  • USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance
  • University of Southern California
  • Los Angeles, CA
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Philadelphia Ballet

“I was able to dance until I was 38 years old. I don’t think I would have been able to dance that long if it wasn’t for Harlequin Floors.”

  • Angel Corella
  • Artistic Director of Philadelphia Ballet
  • Philadelphia, PA
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Stark Photo Productions – Cascade™

“I have used Harlequin Floors since I opened my studio in 2014. Harlequin Floors provide the right mix of safety and beauty that is perfect for dancers and my photography. I just completed a total renovation of my studio – installing white Harlequin Cascade™ flooring in a seamless white studio. The first dancers in that studio say it’s like dancing on a dream! It’s perfect for ballerinas and the photographic results are wonderful!”

  • Chris Stark
  • Stark Photo Productions
  • Hamilton, VA
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Stark Photo Productions – Hi-Shine™

“I have used Harlequin Floors since I opened my studio in 2014. Harlequin Floors provide the right mix of safety and beauty that is perfect for dancers and my photography. I’ve been a long-time fan of Harlequin Hi-Shine™ flooring. I have both Hi-Shine Black and White and they are often requested by my dancers. The reflections they provide look like water in my photography – providing a really cool range of creative possibilities!”

  • Chris Stark
  • Stark Photo Productions
  • Hamilton, VA
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State Ballet of Rhode Island

“After receiving a grant to upgrade our outdoor stage, we knew we wanted Harlequin Cascade™. The weather was colder than expected for our first performance on it, but it felt warm, and you could see the dancers didn’t hesitate to run or step into arabesque. To have a safe floor for dancers to not worry about shin splints or something of that nature, that’s everything. The dancers have to feel secure.”

  • Ana Marsden Fox
  • Executive Director of The State Ballet of Rhode Island
  • Lincoln, Rhode Island
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Miss Kim’s Children’s Dance and Arts

“I have always wanted to teach a dance class for children who learn differently — kids who have “superpowers” such as Autism, Down Syndrome, and Dyspraxia. Time to Shine is our program designed to nourish a uniquely-abled child’s cognitive, physical, and emotional needs while providing social opportunities.”

“I need to know that if they fall, they will be safe.”

  • Kim Black
  • Owner of Miss Kim’s Children’s Dance and Arts
  • Burlington, NC
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Houston Ballet

“In 50 years, Houston Ballet has evolved into a company of 60 dancers with a budget of $33 million, making it the country’s fifth largest ballet company. For reliable solutions that help sustain the caliber of dancers on stage at Houston Ballet, we always turn to Harlequin Floors. For more than 20 years, we’ve trusted Harlequin for first-class customer service and superior products.”

  • Andrew Nielsen
  • Director of Production, Houston Ballet
  • Houston, TX
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NW Dance Project

“Next to our dancers, our floors are our most important tool. The only company that meets our demands is Harlequin Floors — we exclusively use Harlequin Liberty® sprung floors with Harlequin Cascade™ vinyl in our studios.”

  • Sarah Slipper
  • Artistic Director, NW Dance Project
  • Portland, OR
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The Space – Think Miller Group

“It was very important for us to make sure the flooring system was right for our new creative space. Harlequin Reversible Pro™ had the versatility and durability to handle the types of diverse programs and classes we would be offering. The multipurpose, slip-resistant, hardwearing floor is a perfect fit for our unique SPACE.”

  • Cory & Krista Miller
  • Owners/Creators, THE SPACE/Think Miller Group
Brea, CA
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Koltun Ballet Boston

“We want our students to accomplish their goals while feeling safe and confident on the floors, which is why we chose Harlequin Studio™ vinyl flooring. We are so impressed by Harlequin Floors that we have installed their flooring in each of our state-of-the-art studios.”

  • Alexandra Koltun & Alex Lapshin
  • Artistic Directors/Founders
  • Boston, MA
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Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

“Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is the world’s most popular modern dance company…No matter where we are in the world, we’ve always been able to rely on Harlequin’s amazing staff and the superior quality of their products. That’s why Ailey has used Harlequin Floors for the past 20 years.”

  • Joe Gaito
  • Technical Director, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
  • New York, NY
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“Well over 1,000 dancers, musicians and singers have performed their magic on those Riverdance stages, safe in the knowledge that Harlequin Cascade™ works as well and as consistently as they do!…Harlequin Cascade™ allows all of our performers to deliver exhilarating performances in complete safety.”

  • Julian Erskine
  • Senior Executive Producer, Riverdance
  • Dublin, Ireland
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Keshet Dance Company

“Keshet Dance Company recently opened our new home, the Keshet Center for the Arts, and as we launch our 20th anniversary season we can’t imagine a better floor on which to train, perform and celebrate! Our Harlequin Liberty® Sprung Floor with a Harlequin Reversible™ vinyl surface is where we gather to dance and dream… We love our Harlequin Floors!”

  • Shira Greenberg
  • Founder & Artistic Director, Keshet Dance Co.
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Ballet Austin

“To ensure our diverse, musically oriented community of aspiring dancers had flooring that fully supported not only their dreams but also their feet, we selected Harlequin’s Cascade™ and Standfast™, accompanied by its Activity® and WoodSpring® sub-floors, for our seven studios and 300-seat Studio Theater. We could not have been more confident in our choice as Harlequin Floors has more than met our flooring needs.”

  • Cookie Ruiz
  • Executive Director, Ballet Austin
  • Austin, TX
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Burklyn Ballet Theatre

“With Harlequin’s high-performance, slip-resistant flooring I know that my students are confident that their performances, just like my flooring, will always be consistent…To Burklyn, the name Harlequin means reliability, durability, and safety that makes dreams come true.”

  • Joanne Whitehill
  • Artistic Director
  • Johnson, VT
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Alberta Ballet

“Our dancers prefer the feel and texture of Harlequin Studio™ flooring – especially on pointe. They feel safe and appreciate dancing on the exact same surface whatever color the floor may be.”

  • Harry Paterson
  • Director of Production and Touring, Alberta Ballet
  • Alberta, Canada
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