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Each year, the Contemporary Ballet of Burgos organizes the Burgos and New York International Choreography Contest with collaboration from the Municipal Institute of Culture and Tourism of the Burgos City Council, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and Junta de Castilla y Léon. The Burgos and New York Contest serves as a platform that celebrates the art of choreography and fosters the creative principles that ignite and elevate the realms of dance and the art of movement.

The prizes encompass the coveted Audience Award, determined through audience voting, and the prestigious JCDCYL Award. This esteemed accolade is bestowed upon a visionary creator whose masterpiece earns the honor of being showcased during the tour of the Joven Compañía de Danza de Castilla y León. 

This year’s event signifies the 22nd edition of the esteemed Burgos and New York Burgos International Choreography Contest, a testament to its enduring legacy and continued excellence. Spanning from July 10th to July 28th, 2023, this year’s competition engaged an ensemble of over 100 artists hailing from diverse nations. The culmination was marked by the distribution of an impressive array of cash prizes, collectively exceeding a valuation of 60,000 euros.

On July 28th, the competition victors were unveiled during the culminating gala event within the ‘Dance in the Theatre’ segment. This year, Italian Freelance Choreographer Brian Scalini secured the top honor with his piece “Meet you in the Navel,” featuring a captivating performance by dancer Camilla Bizzi, set to the enchanting music of Tom Ashbrook.

Here is the list of winners for the ‘Dance In The Theatre’ section:

First Prize of the Jury: ‘Meet you in the navel’, by Brian Scalini

Second Prize of the Jury: ‘El síndrome de la constancia’, by Javier Peláez Faurey Miguel Álvarez Campos

Third Jury Prize: ‘Noam’, by Jeremy Alberge

Fourth Jury Prize: ‘Resistance Movement’, by Maciej Kuźmiński

Jury’s Fifth Prize: ‘Delicious Overdose’ by Alice Beatrice Carrino and Cristian Cucco

Audience Award: ‘Delicious Overdose’, by Alice Beatrice Carrino and Cristian Cucco

Young Dance Company of Castilla y León Prize:  Pau Arnal Ferrer and Manel Cabeza, members of Kampai Dance Company, for the work ‘Lilah’.

La Gomera Choreography Centre Award: Alberge Jeremy for ‘Noam’.

Nacho Duato Academy Young Promise Award: ex aqueo for Yuan Tao, dancer in the piece ‘…de dónde vengo’, and Mion Yamane and Mayu Yamazaki, performers of the piece ‘Fragment’.

SóLODOS Award in Dance: Julia Laport Rivas for ‘Extend as if I could’