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Church stages are ready for live performances with Harlequin Floors

From Crosswalk Church in Williamsburg, Virginia to Gateway Church in Texas, Harlequin Floors has installed various performances surfaces on church stages. Harlequin range of marley vinyl floors are suitable for all types of live performance including dance, concerts and speaking engagements.

Crosswalk Church uses their stage primarily for Sunday morning services, but they also frequently rent the facility out to dance groups. After one of the groups recommended Harlequin Floors, they asked us to install a marley vinyl floor permanently on their 30’ x 50’ stage with a 12’x 53’ proscenium. The team at Crosswalk Church ended up choosing Harlequin Cascade™, a hardwearing multi-purpose surface that is durable enough to be laid onto a stage and can be used for all types of performance. The Cascade surface now features BioCote® anti-microbial protection for added protection against bacteria and mold.

Harlequin Cascade is a popular choice for stages due to its durability and because it can be used for anything from ballet performances, tap dance, and even Irish dance like Riverdance. Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas also chose Cascade and Harlequin Hi-Shine™ in black and white for their 10,000 plus square foot stage. Harlequin Hi-Shine is a high gloss, roll out vinyl floor that features a shiny, reflective surface making it ideal for stages.