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Harlequin sprung floors offer assurance of better protection from injuries for dancers with reduced risk of injury through impact, slipping or falling. A professional dance floor enhances the confidence of performers. Floors developed for commercial, or sports applications do not offer the benefits that dancers appreciate when they talk about the ‘feel’ of the floor. Only sprung floors developed for dance do that.

The Harlequin range of sprung floors have been developed for use in combination with a vinyl marley or wood performance surface. Our systems include portable, semi-permanent and permanent options.

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These Harlequin sprung floor systems can easily be removed for storage or transportation. Sprung floor panel systems are modular solutions ideal for temporary use, leased spaces, stages and touring companies. Harlequin AeroDeck®, Harlequin Liberty® HD and Harlequin Liberty® LatchLoc are portable options.
Harlequin AeroDeck
Ultra-lightweight, Outdoor Use, Waterproof

An ultra-lightweight, waterproof sprung floor that is approximately 50% lighter than traditional sprung floor systems. This modular panel system is easy to install and ideal for touring companies or outdoor use.

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Harlequin Liberty HD
Modular, Outdoor use, Durable

A further development of our renowned Harlequin Liberty® LatchLoc sprung panel system, designed with enhanced durability in mind for more challenging environments.

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Harlequin Liberty LatchLoc
Portable, Easy to install, Stage use

Modular sprung floor panel system designed for portable installations. Quick and easy to install, Harlequin Liberty® LatchLoc panels are secured into place using Harlequin’s ‘one turn of the key’ latch and lock mechanism.

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These Harlequin sprung floor systems are permanently installed into a space and cannot be removed without risking damage to the floor. Harlequin Activity® and Harlequin WoodSpring® are exclusive to Harlequin and only installed through Harlequin’s Contracts division. Harlequin Flexity™ can be permanent and semi-permanent, it is designed for self-install but can also be installed by Harlequin.
Harlequin Activity
Permanent, Fully Floating, Proprietary

Permanently installed sprung floor system based on the well-established ‘triple sandwich’ construction originated by Harlequin over 30 years ago. A fully floating system with no fixings to the existing floor that can be laid on any reasonably smooth and flat surface.

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Harlequin Flexity
Panel system, Cost-effective, Self-install

A cost-effective, self-install sprung floor panel system designed for permanent or semi-permanent installation.

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Harlequin WoodSpring
Permanent, Basket-Weave Construction, Proprietary

A premium, permanently installed wood sprung floor system that is a modern update of the traditional ‘basket weave’ construction.

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