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Vinyl Marley Floors

Harlequin’s range of vinyl marley floors can be laid on any hard, smooth sub-floor, used alone, or as a dance surface on a sprung dance floor. Harlequin’s event and display floors are the industry choice for TV and film production, concerts and tours, product launches, fashion shows, window displays, and exhibitions.

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Harlequin Allegro
Heavy-Duty, Slip-Resistant

The thickest rollout floor available worldwide! Harlequin Allegro™ was specially developed to offer superior protection against hard sub-floors.

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Harlequin Cascade
Multi-Purpose, Heavy-Duty, Perfect Feel

Harlequin’s top-selling multi-purpose floor and the official floor of American Ballet Theatre. Harlequin Cascade™ is the ultimate heavy-duty performance floor, its perfect ‘feel’ makes it the top choice of industry professionals for ballet, contemporary, modern and theatrical use.

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Harlequin Fiesta
Multi-Purpose, Durable, Wood Design

Developed to fill a need for low-maintenance flooring that replicates a wood surface. The wood design surface of Harlequin Fiesta™ makes it a cost-effective alternative to a hardwood dance floor.

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Harlequin FreeStyle
Multi-Purpose, Less Slip-Resistant, Foam-Backed

Designed specifically to meet the needs of hip-hop and street dancers. Harlequin FreeStyle™ is a perfect vinyl floor for performers who demand a floor with less slip-resistance yet still provides added protection against hard sub-floors.

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Harlequin Hi-Shine
High Impact, Scuff-Resistant, Reflective

High-impact, high-gloss, reflective flooring that is scratch-resistant and rolls out easily! Harlequin Hi-Shine™ the perfect choice for stage, set and display. Available in a range of colors, including metallic.

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Harlequin Marine
Multi-Purpose, Hardwearing, IMO Certified

Extensively installed on cruise liners as it can be installed in confined spaces, Harlequin Marine™ was developed to conform to marine standards and fire ratings.

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Harlequin Reversible
Multi-Purpose, Lightweight, Double-Sided

The original double-sided dance and stage floor! Harlequin Reversible™ is lightweight, rolls out quickly, lays flat and stays flat making it perfect for touring.

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Harlequin Reversible Pro
Multi-Purpose, Lightweight, Dimensionally Stable

Developed with a reinforced mineral fiber interply layer, Harlequin Reversible Pro™ offers improved tear strength and dimensional stability, which allows it to roll out and quickly lie flat! This double-sided vinyl floor from Harlequin will be a favorite of stage technicians and touring companies!

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Harlequin Standfast
Multi-Purpose, Slip-Resistant, Heavy-Duty

Harlequin Standfast™ is hardwearing, durable flooring that is ideal as a permanent, multi-purpose, dance or stage floor for heavy-duty use.

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Harlequin Studio
Hardwearing, Slip-Resistant, Foam-Backed

Harlequin Studio™ is formulated to focus on the demands of dancers, Studio is a hardwearing, slip-resistant vinyl floor that offers dancers added confidence for demanding choreography and movement.

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Harlequin Studio B
Hardwearing, Embossed Surface, Foam-Backed

Harlequin Studio B® is designed for extra strength and with a firm cushioned backing to protect against hard sub-floors, Studio B is specially formulated for ballet, modern and other barefoot dancing.

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