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Harlequin Activity

Harlequin Activity® is a multipurpose permanently installed sprung floor system, based on the well-established ‘triple-sandwich’ construction originated by Harlequin over 30 years ago. It’s a fully floating system with no fixings to the sub-floor and can be laid on any reasonably smooth and flat surface without prior preparation.

Harlequin Activity is shock-damped to avoid a ‘trampoline’ effect and provides area and point elasticity to offer identical characteristics across the whole floor. An ‘industry standard’ choice, when correctly reinforced, it can withstand heavy loading including retractable seating.

Harlequin Activity is a Flagship product; with customized, proprietary installation by our Harlequin Contracts Division only. Activity can be installed with a Harlequin vinyl performance surface or an approved hardwood surface for all types of dance and performance.

Installation Permanent
Overall Thickness 2″ (2.000) nominal (without vinyl performance surface)
2-1/8″ (2.125) nominal (with vinyl performance surface)
2-1/4″ (2.25″) nominal (with hardwood)
Weight 5.1 lb/ft2 (with vinyl performance surface)
6.8 lb/ft2 (with hardwood)
Testing Standards DIN 18032-2
Average Shock Absorption 64%
Uniform distribution Load >2248 lb
Point load >809 lb
Rolling Load
(Min. 1500 N)
>1500 N
Vertical Deformation 3.8mm
Area Deflection 7.2%
Fire rating Bfls 1 to EN 13501
  • Ballet Arizona
  • Ballet Austin
  • Brigham Young University
  • Centro de Creatividad e Innovacion Cultural, Mexico
  • Earvin Magic Johnson Park
  • Go Live! Sports Complex Dance Building
  • Kaatsbaan Cultural Park
  • Nashville Ballet
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines, Bahamas
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Sam Houston State University
  • Slippery Rock University

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