Harlequin Activity

Activity Vinyl Callout

Activity Hardwood Callout

Harlequin Activity® is a multipurpose permanently installed sprung floor system, based on the well-established ‘triple-sandwich’ construction originated by Harlequin over 30 years ago. It’s a fully floating system with no fixings to the sub-floor and can be laid on any reasonably smooth and flat surface without prior preparation.

Harlequin Activity is shock-damped to avoid a ‘trampoline’ effect and provides area and point elasticity to offer identical characteristics across the whole floor. An ‘industry standard’ choice, when correctly reinforced, it can withstand heavy loading including retractable seating.

  • Ballet Austin
  • Ballet Memphis
  • Cincinnati Ballet
  • Just for Kix
  • Midwest Regional Ballet
  • Nashville Ballet
  • Orlando Ballet
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Oklahoma


Harlequin Activity is only available for installation by our Contracts Division. Activity can be installed with a Harlequin vinyl performance surface or an approved hardwood surface for all types of dance and performance.

Recommended Surface Options for Harlequin Activity

  • Harlequin Vinyl Performance Surface
    • Cascade
    • Fiesta
    • FreeStyle
    • Marine
    • Standfast
    • Studio
    • Studio B
  • Approved Hardwood Surface, ideal for:
    • Multi-Purpose Use
    • General Public Traffic
    • Full Stage Entertainment
    • Ballroom Dance
    • Requirements to Match Existing Décor

Permanent or Portable Permanent
Finish Harlequin Vinyl Performance or Approved Hardwood Surface
Weight 37-40 lbs/yd2 (vinyl surface)
47-50 lbs/yd2 (hardwood surface)
Overall Thickness 2-1/8″ (2.125) nominal (vinyl surface)
2-1/4″ (2.25″) nominal (hardwood surface)
Testing Standards DIN 18032-2
Average Shock Absorption
(Min. 53%)
Vertical Deformation
(Min. 2.3mm)
Area Deflection
(Max 15%)
Rolling Load
(Min. 1500 N)
>1500 N

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