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Introducing Flexity

Harlequin Announces New Self-Install Sprung Flooring System

Harlequin Floors, the global leader in advanced technology flooring for dance, performing arts, entertainment and events, today announced a new self-install sprung floor system – Harlequin Flexity™, the latest addition to their line of professional sprung floor systems. Flexity panels are constructed of a unique birch plywood for improved strength and stability and feature special tongue and groove joints allowing for DIY installation. Designed for permanent or semi- permanent application, this sprung floor can be used for all types of dance and performance.

“The dance industry continues to grow in the United States and Harlequin recognized the need to enhance our product selection to include a low-cost, do-it-yourself sprung floor system that would be the perfect fit for dance studios, rehearsal spaces or even home studios,” said Pat Basileo, Chief Operating Officer of American Harlequin. “Flexity was successfully introduced last year in Europe and Australia, so it was a clear decision to add this to our sprung floor offerings in North and South America.”

Harlequin Flexity can be installed by any person with fundamental carpentry skills and is recommended to be finished with a vinyl performance surface such as Harlequin CascadeTM or Harlequin Reversible ProTM; both are durable, multipurpose roll-out vinyl floors suitable for all types of performance including tap, ballet and musical theater. Harlequin also offers an engineered hardwood surface if a wood look finish is preferred.

“Flooring plays a critical role in the health and safety of performers at all levels; it is important for Harlequin to provide a sprung floor option that is accessible to all of our customers,” says Basileo.

Harlequin is committed to continually delivering the highest quality products using new, advanced materials – supplying the performing arts, live events and education industries around the world with the very best in vinyl floors, sprung floors and stage floor systems.

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