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Harlequin Floors had the Solutions for Kennsaw State University

Kennesaw State University (KSU) in Marietta, GA was motivated to renovate the Joe Mack Wilson Theatre for many reasons including safety concerns, functionality, growth, budget, and timing. But most of all, KSU decided two renovate because their department of dance, the largest collegiate dance program in Georgia, lacked a permanent space suitable for dance. 

The project design team requested Harlequin provide a permanent sprung dance floor with a durable performance surface for the stage floor. The vinyl performance surface would need to be ideal for all types of dance and yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of heavy stage props and equipment. Recognizing these important factors, Harlequin WoodSpring was installed as the sprung floor system along with Harlequin Cascade as the top performance surface. The combination of flooring was an ideal solution for KSU as it resolved concerns about durability and causing damage to the stage floor.

Harlequin WoodSpring is a modern interpretation of the traditional ‘basketweave’ construction while using the technology of today’s materials. The “spring” in basket weave construction comes from the natural flexing and recovery of the triple layer of battens, which is enhanced by shock-absorbent elastomer pads. The selection of lumber, batten and pad spacing, insulation and installation are proprietary to Harlequin Floors and critical to long-term performance. Harlequin WoodSpring is only available for installation by Harlequin Floors’ Contracts Division and each custom installation is backed by a Harlequin guarantee.

Harlequin Cascade continues to delight generations of professional dancers, artistic directors and technical and stage managers as the ultimate heavy-duty dance floor. The silky smooth embossed surface that’s often described as giving ‘warmth’ to a performance, also provides deceptively good grip, as well as a high-quality base for lighting designers. Harlequin Cascade is also now manufactured with BioCote Antimicrobial Protection, an added ingredient that helps keep the floor hygienically clean.

“Having served the department of dance at Kennesaw State University since 2011, providing a world-class product with highly professionalized installation and customer service. We were pleased to recently install Harlequin floors in the region’s first dance theater developed at KSU,” stated Dr. Ivan Pulinkala, professor & chair, department of dance.

Stage Direction | April 2021 Issue