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Hubbard Street Dance Chicago Performs At McCarter Theatre Center

On Thursday, March 28th, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago returned to the McCarter Theatre Center to pay homage to their journey and founder, Lou Conte. The show featured three performances, each showcasing top contemporary choreographers and dancers.

In the first performance titled “Contrane’s Favorite Things,” choreographer Lar Lubovitch aimed to draw parallels between the music of John Coltrane and the art of Jackson Pollock. Coltrane’s music, often described as “sheets of sound,” resonates with its constant flow, mirroring Pollock’s canvases, which were often completely covered with paint in what was termed an ‘action field.’

For the second performance of the night, freelance choreographer Thang Dao collaborated with Hubbard Street’s own to create “Nevermore,” a piece that bridges the narratives of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and an Asian classic folktale, “The Cowherd and Weavegirl.” Poe’s work delves into the human experience of loss and death, while “The Cowherd and Weavegirl” portrays a ritual of processing grief through hope and memory.

Lastly, the performance of “Dear Frankie,” choreographed by Rennie Harris, pays homage to the city of Chicago, the godfather of House Music DJ Frankie Knuckles, and the infamous dance club The Warehouse along with its club members. Chicago, renowned for developing the unique sound of house music, has left a permanent mark on various forms of media including TV and film, fashion, and underground culture.

For over 45 years, Hubbard Street has stood as a pioneering force in contemporary dance, consistently demonstrating innovation and originality. As a loyal customer of Harlequin Floors, the company has maintained a longstanding partnership. They even traveled with their portable vinyl performance surface, the Harlequin Reversible Pro, for their show.

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