Harlequin TV Tiles

TV Tiles


Harlequin TV Tiles are made in large 36" squares — the largest vinyl tile available in the world! The TV Tiles are engineered to precise standards to ensure 90 degree corners that allow the tiles to push together without gaps. They instantly lay flat and stay flat and are able to withstand the day-to-day demands of equipment, trolleys, lighting trusses and carpenters.

Harlequin TV Tiles have a satin finish with a neutral reflectance that minimizes intrusion to broadcast quality. The tiles are ideal for dance performances and are heavy duty. It is often helpful to bond some of the tiles with low-tack double- sided tape as this will provide a smooth studio base on which the camera crew can roll vibration-sensitive dollies with confidence.

  • ABC Chicago
  • CNN
  • Comcast Productions
  • Direct TV
  • Ferrari
  • Live Technologies
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Met Life Building
  • Pace University
  • World Surf League

Harlequin TV Tiles can be stored in a small storage area – just stack the tiles on top of one another. 180 square feet of tap tiles are a little more than 2 1/2" high when stacked.


An ideal choice for:

  • Television/Film Sets
  • Percussive (Irish, Tap)
  • Theater/Opera
  • Special Events
  • Display
  • Exhibits

Permanent or Portable Both
Finish Satin, exceptionally smooth and flat
Size 36" x 36"
Colors White, Black, Gray
*Custom colors available through special order.
Weight 10.12 lbs per tile
Thickness 1/8"
Fire Rating Class 1: ASTM E-662; CAN4-S102.2