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Kennesaw State University

Client Kennesaw State University (KSU)
Consultant Lighting & Production Equipment
Location Marietta, GA
Products Harlequin WoodSpring®, Harlequin Cascade™, Installation, Stage Refurbishment
Scope Installation of a permanent sprung floor system with a dance performance surface on refurbished stage area. Customization included trap doors in main stage floor and unsprung wings.

The stage renovation project at Kennesaw State University was an opportunity to turn the campus theater into the area’s only venue built specifically for dance. The project design team requested Harlequin to provide a permanent sprung dance floor with a durable performance surface for the stage floor. However, as the stage area was not a standard dance space, concerns were raised about the sturdiness of the sprung floor. It was imperative that the new floor would be strong enough to allow crews to roll lifts across the stage area and that trap doors could be cut into the floor.

Knowing that the stage floor would need to be sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of heavy stage props and equipment, Harlequin WoodSpring® was installed as the sprung floor system along with Harlequin Cascade™ as the top performance surface. Additionally, the installation team was able to incorporate trap doors into the main stage floor and unsprung wings into the structure of the proscenium theatre. The combination of flooring was an ideal solution for KSU as it resolved concerns about durability and causing damage to the stage floor. KSU was equipped with a permanent, professional dance floor in the venue.

“Having served the Department of Dance at Kennesaw State University since 2011, providing a world-class product with highly professionalized installation and customer service. We were pleased to recently install Harlequin floors in the regions first Dance Theater developed at KSU,” stated Dr. Ivan Pulinkala, Professor & Chair, Department of Dance.

Case Study: Harlequin Floors Transforms Stage in Dance Theater