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RIT’s The Shed Equipped With Harlequin Floors

The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is internationally recognized as a leading higher education institution for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. With over 19,000 students, RIT is also known for its creativity and innovation in order to provide its students with more academic opportunities. RIT is in preparation for the scheduled Fall 2023 opening of their Student Hall for Exploration and Development, affectionately known as The SHED.

The SHED will centralize the institution’s performing arts studios and theaters. Harlequin Floors was granted the opportunity to construct a completely custom and perfectly curated performance space at The SHED. When RIT communicated with Jim Nelson from Theatre Project Consultants, that the university required such a custom space, he connected with Harlequin Floors.

To ensure the success of the construction of the studio, it was equipped with a Harlequin WoodSpring® sprung floor system and a Harlequin Cascade™ dark gray, vinyl performance surface. The Harlequin team worked alongside a hearing consultant to install what is known as a Hearing Loop system. This sound system allows students with hearing aids and/or cochlear implants to connect with the music and sound within the studio. It utilizes the ‘T’ (Telecoil) setting in the hearing aids and cochlear implants by providing a magnetic, wireless signal to be picked up.

Due to the nature of this project and the fact that it has been 100% custom-created, it took over 2 years to finalize and install to guarantee not only the success of the performers but also their safety. Harlequin Floors was proud to have been able to assist in providing a performance space that is accommodating for all students at Rochester Institute of Technology, The SHED.