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Testimonials & Interviews

Janette Manrara and Robbie Kmetoni Burn The Floor

Interview with Janette Manrara & Robbie Kmetoni, from Burn the Floor.

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Interview with Julian MacKay

Interview with Julian MacKay, Prix de Lausanne 2015 winner.

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Meet the stars of Australian Dance Theatre with Harlequin Floors

Meet the Stars of Australian Dance Theatre.

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Harlequin Floors Interviews Scottish Ballet

Harlequin Floors visited Scottish Ballet Tramway dance studios in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Royal Academy of Dance – Interview by Harlequin Floors

Lynn Wallis Interview, Royal Academy of Dance.

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University of the Arts on Harlequin Floors

Discusses their decision to use Harlequin and its immediate positive impact.

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