• “Flooring is a major consideration as ABT continues its commitment to performing works that both honor our heritage and celebrate the innovative future of the art form. Whether in rehearsal or in performance, Harlequin meets the standard of excellence that ABT and its artists demand, which is why we look to Harlequin Floors as our official flooring provider.”

    • James Whitehill
    • Director of Production, American Ballet Theatre
    • New York, NY
  • “It was very important for us to make sure the flooring system was right for our new creative space. Harlequin Reversible Pro™ had the versatility and durability to handle the types of diverse programs and classes we would be offering. The multipurpose, slip-resistant, hardwearing floor is a perfect fit for our unique SPACE.”

    • Cory & Krista Miller
    • Owners/Creators, THE SPACE/Think Miller Group
Brea, CA
  • USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance is an entire school dedicated to dance theory, practice and research. From ballet to hip hop, USC Kaufman’s hybrid dance artists need floors as flexible as they are. Whether in the studio, on stage or on campus, Harlequin Liberty™ portable panels and Harlequin WoodSpring™ permanent floors will give them that flexibility and protection.

    • USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance
    • University of Southern California
    • Los Angeles, CA
  • The expert advice I received from Harlequin’s flooring specialists helped us select the ideal floor for our new space, a Harlequin Liberty™ Sprung Floor with a Harlequin Reversible™ vinyl surface. We miss our old space, but Harlequin Floors helped us to look forward to our new location. Thank you to everyone at Harlequin from the bottom of our hearts!”

    • Diana Byer
    • Founder & Artistic Director, New York Theatre Ballet
    • New York, NY
  • Keshet Dance Company
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    “Keshet Dance Company recently opened our new home, the Keshet Center for the Arts, and as we launch our 20th anniversary season we can’t imagine a better floor on which to train, perform and celebrate! Our Harlequin Liberty™ Sprung Floor with a Harlequin Reversible™ vinyl surface is where we gather to dance and dream... We love our Harlequin Floors!”

    • Shira Greenberg
    • Founder & Artistic Director, Keshet Dance Co.
    • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • “Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is the world’s most popular modern dance company…No matter where we are in the world, we’ve always been able to rely on Harlequin’s amazing staff and the superior quality of their products. That’s why Ailey has used Harlequin Floors for the past 20 years.”

    • Joe Gaito
    • Technical Director, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
    • New York, NY
  • Riverdance
    Dublin, Ireland

    “Well over 1,000 dancers, musicians and singers have performed their magic on those Riverdance stages, safe in the knowledge that Harlequin Cascade works as well and as consistently as they do!...Harlequin Cascade allows all of our performers to deliver exhilarating performances in complete safety.”

    • Julian Erskine
    • Senior Executive Producer, Riverdance
    • Dublin, Ireland
  • University of the Arts
    Philadelphia, PA

    “The students, the dean, the faculty and I are thrilled with our choice to go with Harlequin Floors. I’ve gotten email after email from our students saying ‘Thank you for the floor!’ It makes a huge difference in the quality of the dance experience for the students and the faculty.”

    • Donna Faye Burchfield
    • Director, School of Dance, The University of the Arts
    • Philadelphia, PA
  • Alberta Ballet
    Alberta, Canada

    “Our dancers prefer the feel and texture of Harlequin Studio flooring – especially on pointe. They feel safe and appreciate dancing on the exact same surface whatever color the floor may be.”

    • Harry Paterson
    • Director of Production and Touring, Alberta Ballet
    • Alberta, Canada
  • Bolshoi Ballet
    Moscow, Russia

    Harlequin Floors are comfortable as soon as you stand on them. You can work for longer on them too. If you get tired after an hour on a different floor, you can work for two, three or four hours on a Harlequin floor.”

    • Sergei Filin
    • Artistic Director, Bolshoi Ballet
    • Moscow, Russia
  • Glyndebourne Opera House
    East Sussex, England

    "The great thing about Harlequin Hi-Shine is how resistant it is. It withstands a lot of punishment but remains looking good. We’ve been using Harlequin flooring since 1997 and the reason we come back time and time again is because we know the products and the customer service is excellent."

    • Tom Harrison
    • Production Manager, Glyndebourne Opera House
    • East Sussex, England
  • “Having taken class, rehearsed and performed on Harlequin Floors during the course of my professional career, there was no question as to which flooring system we would install to replace our studio floors in both our academy and high school programs. It had to be Harlequin! Harlequin’s state-of-the-art flooring keeps my students in tip-top shape and ready to take the stage.”

    • Michael Owen
    • Director of Dance, Walnut Hill School for the Arts
    • Natick, MA
  • Ballet Austin
    Austin, TX

    “To ensure our diverse, musically oriented community of aspiring dancers had flooring that fully supported not only their dreams but also their feet, we selected Harlequin’s Cascade and Standfast, accompanied by its Activity and WoodSpring sub-floors, for our seven studios and 300-seat Studio Theater. We could not have been more confident in our choice as Harlequin Floors has more than met our flooring needs.”

    • Cookie Ruiz
    • Executive Director, Ballet Austin
    • Austin, TX
  • “If there is an event where people will be performing there is a good chance they’ll be using Harlequin Floors. Many designers will either opt for, or even request that Harlequin be used because the company maintains its solid reputation for producing high quality performance flooring. This fine quality prompted us to purchase Harlequin Standfast heavy-duty floors for a recent multi-venue stage event.”

    • Pete Dorson
    • Director of Sales and Marketing, Mystic Scenic Studios, Inc.
    • Norwood, MA
  • Dance For Joy, Inc
    Brielle, NJ

    “My new studio space had limited ceiling height, but I wanted to be sure my floors were resilient enough for everything from pre-ballet to pre-professional. Harlequin’s Allegro dance flooring was the answer to my dreams. It cushions the falls of the little ones, and gives plenty of spring for the advanced dancers without raising the floor height!”

    • Roberta L. Humphrey, Ed.M.
    • Director, Dance For Joy, Inc.
    • Brielle, NJ
  • "We chose Harlequin’s Liberty™ panels with Harlequin’s Cascade™ surface - to provide a firm structural and flooring foundation which is equally as important as a strong technical foundation."

    • Francisco Gella
    • Artistic Director, Aria Intensive
    • Long Beach, CA