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Harlequin Reversible

Harlequin Reversible is the original double-sided dance and stage floor. It’s a lightweight calendered vinyl that rolls out quickly, lays flat and stays flat. It’s hard-wearing and slip-resistant, with different colors on each side, thus providing two floors in one!

Harlequin Reversible is suitable for ballet, contemporary, percussive dance including Irish and tap, multi-purpose use, hip-hop, jazz, street, aerobics, concerts, display, exhibitions, television, theaters and more.

Harlequin Reversible is our most versatile loose-lay floor and is extremely popular among our extensive clientele. It’s ideally laid on any hard, smooth surface and is particularly suited to touring due to ease of handling and portability. An excellent choice as the vinyl performance surface in conjunction with a Harlequin sprung floor.

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Harlequin Reversible™ sold online in Black/White & Black/Gray 10m & 15m rolls.

Harlequin Reversible Chroma Key Green/Blue sold online in Chroma Key Green/Blue 10m rolls only.

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Reversible Black/Gray
Gray TV White
Dark Gray/Light Gray
Black White
Hazelnut Beige
Fog Tan
Black Projection Gray
Black/Projection Gray
Chroma Key Blue/Green
Chroma Key Blue/Green
Permanent or Portable Portable
Roll width 78.7″ (2m)
Roll length 32’8″, 49’2″, 59′, 65’7″, 82′, 98’5″ (10m, 15m, 18m, 20m, 25m, 30m)
Colors Black/Projection Gray, Chroma Key Blue/Green, Black/Gray, Black/White, Fog/Tan, Hazelnut/Beige, Dark Gray/Light Gray
Thickness 0.050″ (1.3mm)
Weight 2.9 lbs/yd² (1.6 kg/m²)
Fire rating ASTM E648, E662 – Class 1
Recycled content 23-30%
VOC emissions ≤0.5mg/m³
Recyclability 100%
Third Party Certification Environmental product Declaration A+

Selection of customers who use Harlequin Reversible

  • Arizona State University
  • Clear Creek Independent School District
  • Garfield High School
  • Keshet Dance Company
  • Miss Kim’s School of Dance
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • National Ballet of Canada
  • New York Theatre Ballet
  • San Joaquin College
  • Saratoga Performing Arts Center
  • Trinity Valley Community College
  • University of North Texas

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