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Harlequin AeroDeck

Harlequin AeroDeck® is an ultra lightweight, waterproof, modular sprung floor panel system manufactured from engineered panels with elastomer blocks, located at regular intervals on the underside. The blocks provide added shock absorption and uniform suspension to eliminate hard spots. The panels are laid in a brickwork fashion onto the sub-floor, so that cross-joins do not coincide. They are linked to each other by a radiused tongue and groove pivot joint and secured by a unique locking system which removes the need to fix the panels mechanically to the sub-floor. Ramps and kerbed panels are also available.

Harlequin AeroDeck is quick and simple to install and can be installed by Harlequin or the customer. The portable panels have flexibility for reconfiguration and are constructed from advanced engineering grade plastics making them light to carry. The core construction of the panel is unaffected by moisture therefore the system is suitable for use in outdoor productions.

Installation Portable/Modular
Finish Harlequin Vinyl Performance Surface
Full Size Panel 96″ x 48″
Half Size Panel 48″ x 48″
Weight 54 lbs (Full Size)
28 lbs (Half Size)
Thickness 1 13/16″ (1.85″) plus the Harlequin vinyl surface
Fire Rating IMO FTPC Parts 2 & 5
Recommended Surface Options

Cascade*, Fiesta, FreeStyle, Marine, Reversible, Reversible Pro*, Standfast, Studio, Studio B

*Cascade and Reversible Pro are recommended vinyls as a top surface on AeroDeck panels when used outdoors

  • American Repertory Ballet
  • Anaheim Ballet
  • Arizona State University
  • Boston Ballet
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Garfield High School
  • Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival
  • Loyola University Chicago
  • Oregon Ballet Theatre
  • Philadelphia Ballet
  • Richard B. Fisher Center for Performing Arts
  • Texas Christian University

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