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Harlequin Liberty Switch

Harlequin Liberty® Switch is a professional multi-use floor system which transforms between a rigid theatrical floor and a sprung performance floor at the touch of a button. It is designed for venues who regularly put on both dance and theatrical performances and require both a sprung and a rigid floor in the same performance or rehearsal space.

Harlequin Liberty Switch enables a Harlequin Liberty LatchLoc sprung floor to be transformed to a rigid (unsprung) floor quickly and easily. This is achieved by using moving carriages which engage with stop blocks on the underside of the Liberty panels to create a rigid floor and disengage to create a sprung floor.

  • Modular system can be custom designed to meet structural design requirements and allow for features such as traps, lifts, and revolves
  • Transforms from rigid to sprung mode in under 10 seconds (subject to size of installation)
  • Eliminates the need to swap and store floors, reducing labor and storage costs
  • Controlled remotely via a hard-wired master control unit
  • A wireless control system with remote monitoring can be specified if required
  • Can be integrated with most existing stage control or building management systems
  • Can be ‘zoned’ to create sprung or rigid areas within the floor if required
  • All components are low maintenance
  • The system is installed by Harlequin’s technical team
  • US Patent 11,649,646

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Video: Yuen Long Theatre Renovates Its Stage With Harlequin Liberty® Switch

Installation Modular system that can be modified to meet any structural design requirements
Panel Size 96″ x 48″
Floor Depth 4″ to 5″ depending on subfloor, excluding chosen performance surface
Power Requirement Single phase 16 amp
Finish Harlequin vinyl performance surface

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