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Harlequin Liberty Switch Highlighted In Archetech Magazine

Harlequin Floors and Harlequin Liberty® Switch was recently featured in Archetech Magazine. 

The magazine is an insightful source for all things regarding architecture and interior design, including dance. 

In their most recent issue, Archetech highlighted the three prestigious awards that Liberty® Switch had recently won. 

The new flooring technology recently won the DTHG Technology Product Award at Showtech 2023, the ABTT Engineering Product Of The Year Award, and the Best Debuting Product Staging & Rigging Award at LDI 2022. 

Harlequin Liberty®Switch is a professional multi-use floor system that transforms between a rigid theatrical floor and a sprung performance floor at the touch of a button. It is designed for venues that regularly perform dance and theatrical performances and require both a sprung and a rigid floor in the same performance or rehearsal space.

The article highlighted the flooring’s versatility, saying “The advantages of Harlequin Liberty® Switch are numerous. The system optimizes space utilization, saving time and money by offering flexible multi-use floors within the same area.” 

“Harlequin continues to work with industry professionals, researching and developing products that are practical and cost-effective whilst putting the needs and safety of performers first,” the article reads. 

To read the full article, click here.