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Harlequin Dance Mat

Dance Mat

A larger, slip-resistant dance surface, perfect for partner work at home. The Harlequin Dance Mat keeps you dancing at home on a professional vinyl/marley floor. The mat can be laid down over any hard, smooth surface (not recommended over carpet) to protect existing flooring.

$86 USD + shipping & tax where applicable

  • Harlequin Cascade™, a multipurpose dance floor, with a slip-resistant surface, ideal for all dance types, even tap.
  • Harlequin Studio™, a multipurpose, slip-resistant dance floor with a lightweight, foam-backing ideal for all types of dance except tap.
  • Length: 60″
  • Width: 72″
  • Colors:
    • Cascade – Dark Gray, Black, Hazelnut
  • Storage – Use the tube the mat was shipped in for storage. Don’t have the tube? Loosely roll the mat up and secure with a piece of tape and store flat with nothing on top of it.
  • Floor Tape – Clear PVC tape recommended for both types of mats.
  • Cleaning – Harlequin Daily Cleaner.

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