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Collage Dance Collective

Client Collage Dance Collective
Architect Archimania
Location Memphis, TN
Products Harlequin WoodSpring®, Harlequin Cascade™ with BioCote®, Harlequin Studio™, Harlequin Freestanding Ballet Barres, Harlequin Wall-Mounted Ballet Barres, Installation, Harlequin Roll Storage Carts
Scope Installation of permanent sprung floor systems with dance performance surfaces and ballet barres.

Collage Dance Collective, a Memphis-based ballet company and conservatory recently moved into a new state-of-the-art building, becoming the largest black dance company in the southern United States. After persevering through the unexpected challenges of the pandemic, the company moved into their brand-new space in late 2020, after starting out in a church basement and outgrowing their former space.

The 22,000 square-foot building has five large performance and rehearsal studios all equipped with Harlequin sprung dance floors and either a Harlequin vinyl marley or hardwood performance surface.

The team at Collage selected Harlequin WoodSpring sprung dance floors for all of five studios. They chose various top surfaces including: Harlequin Cascade™ with BioCote®, Harlequin Studio™ vinyl marley floors and a prefinished maple hardwood. Studio is a specially designed floor, ideal for pointe work. The studios were also outfitted with Harlequin Wall-Mounted Ballet Barres and Harlequin Freestanding Ballet Barres.

The building, designed by Memphis based firm archimania, enhances the company’s vision of inspiring growth and diversity in ballet and the community. Collage works to increase access to outstanding ballet training, increase diversity on professional ballet stages, and increase participation by people of color at ballet and other fine arts events.

Photo Credit: David Roseberry for Collage Dance

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