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Pennsylvania Ballet Nutcracker Set

Client Pennsylvania Ballet
Location Philadelphia, PA
Products Harlequin Liberty LatchLoc™ panels, Harlequin Liberty LatchLoc customized panels, Harlequin Cascade™, Storage Carts
Scope Provide stage floor that can support extensive scenery of The Nutcracker

Founded in 1963, Pennsylvania Ballet is recognized as one of the premier ballet companies in the United States, performing a diverse repertoire of classics and innovative new works.

The Pennsylvania Ballet performs The Nutcracker each year at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia.  A specialized flooring solution was required to provide a safe surface for the dancers while being durable enough to withstand production needs. After dancing on Harlequin floors for years at their rehearsal studios, the Ballet knew Harlequin would provide a solution that also provided a safe performance surface for their dancers.

22 Harlequin Liberty LatchLoc™ stage panels were customized to support the weight of PA Ballet’s Nutcracker scenery & props, including the massive, recently overhauled Christmas tree.  They work interchangeably with the standard 115 Liberty LatchLoc panels used throughout the rest of the stage.  The stage also features Harlequin Cascade™ vinyl performance surface.

It is worth noting that, compared to prior years, dancer injuries were greatly reduced throughout The Nutcracker performances after having Harlequin installed. A proper sprung floor and performance surface are critical to ensuring dancer safety.

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