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Miss Kim’s Children’s Dance and Arts

Client Miss Kim’s Children’s Dance and Arts
Location Burlington, NC
Products Harlequin Flexity™ and Harlequin Reversible™
Scope Harlequin Flexity was self-installed in two rooms at Miss Kim’s along with a Harlequin Reversible dance surface.

Miss Kim’s Children’s Dance and Arts, located in Burlington, North Carolina, provides quality dance education to children ages 18 months-9 years old. Kim Black, better known to her students as Miss Kim, talks about three rules when she starts a dance camp.

  1. Be Safe.
  2. Take care of Miss Kim’s (our) property.
  3. Have fun.

She invested in a Harlequin floor for Rule #1. “I am so pleased with how this floor feels and how it keeps my dancers protected when they fall.”

Harlequin Flexity™ is a self-install sprung panel system that Kim and her husband, Fred installed themselves in two of the studios at Miss Kim’s. The Swan room was outfitted with 27 Harlequin Flexity panels while the Bear Room was upgraded with 20 Flexity panels. Both studios have Harlequin Reversible™ as the dance surface over the panels. A 30m roll of Reversible was cut into three equal strips in order to fully cover the panels in each room, approximately 640 square feet.

Video: Harlequin Flexity | Self-Install Sprung Dance Floor

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