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Product Information

Harlequin Flexity™

Harlequin Flexity™ is a cost-effective sprung floor panel system, designed for permanent or semi-permanent installation. Panels are laid in a brickwork fashion onto the sub-floor, so that cross joins do not coincide. The panels join together by a special tongue and groove, which are glued together for permanent installation or fixed using woodscrews at predetermined

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Harlequin Practice Mat

The Harlequin Practice mat has been designed to give dancers the chance to practice their dance moves at home.

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Harlequin Flexity | Self-Install Sprung Dance Floor

Harlequin Flexity™ is a cost-effective, self-install sprung dance floor panel system, designed for permanent or semi-permanent installation.

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Discover Harlequin Floors

Learn more about Harlequin Floors by watching this brief 4-minute video.

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Liberty Floor – the ultimate sprung floor for dance

How to Install a Harlequin Liberty Sprung Floor System.

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Boy Blue Entertainment Testing Harlequin Dance Floors

Boy Blue Entertainment Floor Testing.

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