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Your Expert Guide to Choosing the Right Dance Floor

Whether you’re putting on a pair of pointe shoes, buckling your ballroom stilettos or lacing up your favorite high tops, the floor you’re on can make or break your dancing.

No matter what your needs are, Harlequin Floors has your back, or rather, your feet. We rounded up six of their most popular and versatile floors:

You are…doing many different dance styles in one place.
You’ll need: Harlequin Cascade
The low-down: This multi-purpose floor is heavy-duty and extremely versatile. Ideal for ballet, modern, hip hop, salsa, tap or Zumba, Cascade has a smooth embossed surface that provides sufficient grip for many varieties of shoe.

You are…a dedicated ballroom, tap or hip-hop dancer.
You’ll need: Harlequin Fiesta
The low-down: This durable, multi-purpose floor looks exactly like wood, yet saves you the hassle of cleaning and maintenance that normal wood floors require.

You are…taking your company on tour to diverse venues
You’ll need: Harlequin Reversible
The low-down: This lightweight, portable floor is double-sided, easy to unroll and works well for every dance style. Because of its versatility and portability, it is Harlequin’s most popular loose-lay floor.

You are… touring A LOT (and need that extra durability)
You’ll need: Harlequin Reversible Pro
The low-down: With all the best assets of Harlequin Reversible, this floor has a reinforced mineral fiber interplay layer which makes its dimensional stability and tear strength even better.

You are… rehearsing Odette (or Odile!)
You’ll need: Harlequin Studio
The low-down: This hardwearing, slip-resistant, foam-backed floor is a true ballet floor—perfect for pointe shoes. Suitable for both studio and stage use.

You are… learning “Wade in the Water” from Alvin Ailey’s Revelations
You’ll need: Harlequin Studio B
The low-down: The embossed surface of Harlequin Studio B allows ballet and modern dancers the freedom to let go—whether they’re barefoot or wearing shoes.

Looking for even more options? Try heavy-duty, semi-sprung Harlequin AllegroHarlequin FreeStyle, perfect for hip hop and street styles; Harlequin Marine, which is specially designed for use on cruise ships; and Harlequin Standfast, which is made to withstand wear and tear from heavy equipment on stage.

Harlequin also offers five varieties of sprung dance flooring. Check out more products at, or call 800-642-6440 to speak with an account executive who can help you select the right floor for your needs.

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