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Harlequin Hi-Shine

Harlequin Hi-Shine™ adds radiance to any occasion – it rolls out easily, providing a breathtaking glossy finish. Ideal floor for television & film, live events, stages, photography, fashion, and entertainment productions. It’s specified for loose-lay installation, is reusable*, and features a special high-gloss surface superior to urethane for scuff-resistance, providing a shiny, reflective surface. Harlequin Double-Sided Tape is recommended to secure Harlequin Hi-Shine to a sub-floor. The low-tack/high-tack tape allows for easy removal without damaging the surface.

*Black, White, Gray, Blue, & Red only. Metallic Gold & Metallic Silver are single use.

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Harlequin Hi-Shine Black & White 10m rolls now available online.

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Hi-Shine Black
Hi-Shine Gray
Hi-Shine Red
Hi-Shine Blue
Hi-Shine Gold
Metallic Gold
Hi-Shine Silver
Metallic Silver
Permanent or Portable Portable
Roll width 59″ (1.5m)
Roll length 65’7″ (20m), 32’8″ (10m) Black & White only
Colors Black, White, Red, Blue, Gray, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold
Thickness 0.060″ (1.5mm)
Weight 3.6 lbs/yd² (1.96 kg/m²)
Fire rating ASTM E648, E662 – Class 1
Recycled content 23-30%
VOC emissions ≤0.5mg/m³
Recyclability 100%
Third Party Certification Environmental product Declaration A+

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Rollout vinyl floors that meet all of your display needs! Display floors are lightweight, portable and easy to clean making them ideal for any short-term installation. Available in a variety of sizes, thickness and designs including marble effect, wood, metallic, checkerboard and more.


Lightweight, portable vinyl floor that can be laid on any hard smooth surface and is suitable for light to medium traffic. Showfloor is ideal for temporary use making it a good choice for displays, exhibits and events. Available in a range of solid color options.

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