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Harlequin Floors Introduces Harlequin Liberty Switch

(Moorestown, New Jersey) – Harlequin Floors, the global leader in advanced technology flooring for dance, performing arts, entertainment, and events, today announced a pioneering new floor system – Harlequin Liberty® Switch, a professional multi-use floor that can be switched from a rigid theatrical floor to a sprung dance floor at the touch of a button. The system is designed for multipurpose facilities that require both a sprung and rigid floor in the same performance or rehearsal space. 

“Harlequin is committed to delivering innovative solutions that solve the most difficult problems for all of our customers,” said Guy Dagger, Chief Executive Officer of the Harlequin Group.  “Liberty Switch is a result of that commitment and dedication from our teams throughout the world. I couldn’t be more enthused to officially introduce Switch to the US market at LDI next month”. 

Harlequin Liberty Switch is a multi-use floor system comprised of base units, with drive and control mechanisms, topped with Harlequin Liberty® LatchLoc sprung floor panels. The base units house a series of moving carriages connected by rods running on high-strength carrier rails powered by actuators located at the ends of each row. Each actuator and associated controller are linked to a hard-wired master control unit that is operated remotely. The upper surfaces of the base unit are fitted with wooden battens which align with the sprung elastomer pads on the Harlequin Liberty LatchLoc panel above. The top panels are standard Harlequin Liberty LatchLoc with the addition of UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) low-friction blocks on the underside. 

Harlequin Liberty Switch is a modular system that can be custom designed to incorporate features such as traps, lifts and revolves as required.  Specific areas of the floor can be isolated to create rigid zones for the placement of pianos, scenery, or retractable seating while the rest of the floor is used as a sprung dance floor. Additional benefits include a cost-effective alternative to ballet wagons, and reduced labor and storage costs with the elimination of the need to swap and store floors between performances. 

The system is installed by Harlequin’s technical teams and is recommended for use with a Harlequin vinyl performance surface. 

The Vienna State Opera was the first customer that benefitted from the new system. “We are extremely excited to be the first venue to have Harlequin Liberty Switch,” said Martin Schläpfer, Ballet Director and Chief Choreographer of the Vienna State Ballet. “It is easy to use and it is great being able to ‘switch’ between a sprung and rigid floor so quickly.” 


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About Harlequin Floors

Harlequin Floors, headquartered in London, England, is widely recognized as the world leader in advanced technology flooring for dance, performing arts, entertainment, and events. Established in 1979, Harlequin Floors’ experience and reputation are founded on the manufacture, supply, and installation of a complete range of long-lasting portable, permanent, sprung, and marley floors. The company’s floors are preferred by dancers and performers at the world’s leading companies and venues, which include The Royal Opera House London, The Paris Opera Ballet, The Bolshoi Ballet, American Ballet Theater, New York City Ballet, and The Metropolitan Opera. A few of the contributions the company has made to the industry are Harlequin WoodSpring®, Liberty®, Cascade™, Reversible™, and Hi-Shine™. The Harlequin Group operates worldwide with offices in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia Pacific. For more information about Harlequin Floors visit http://us.harlequinfloors.com/.