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New Studio Series Ballet Barre – Effortless Assembly

Harlequin’s New Home Studio Ballet Barres are effortless to assemble in only 3 simple steps. Watch this one-minute video to see for yourself. The integrated locking mechanism makes it a breeze to attach the legs to the feet of the barre and then the barre to the legs.

With adjustable feet, Harlequin’s portable barres allow you to find a solid surface even on uneven floors. The Studio Series features an uncoated, sanded finish of beechwood, measuring 1.5 inches in diameter to offer a comfortable place for your hand to rest—and lightly grab on to when needed.

Within the limitations of taking class virtually, you want as much flexibility as possible to create an optimal setup. Working with a portable barre gives you more options to film yourself from various angles and craft your space so you have as much room as possible. At only 12 to 14 pounds, Harlequin’s Studio Series Barre is easy to move to any area of the house. And specially priced under $300 just in time for the holidays, it’s an investment that will continue to boost your training with every virtual class.

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