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New Studio Series Freestanding Ballet Barres

In a continuing effort to keep everyone dancing comfortably at home, Harlequin Floors introduces new Studio Series Ballet Barres. The freestanding portable ballet barres are designed for studio, home practice, or light fitness activity. With a sleek, updated design that features an integrated locking mechanism, the new barres are easy to quickly assemble. They are constructed from anodized aluminum with a smooth silver finish, welded joints, and a beech barre.

The ballet barres complement Harlequin’s line of home studio products that has been popular throughout the Covid-19 restrictions that have kept barre enthusiasts practicing and taking classes at home. Paired with a Harlequin Dance Mat, dancers can train safely with a professional vinyl marley floor and a standard barre, no longer needing to use a chair or kitchen counter for stability. The Studio Series Ballet Barres are available in 4 ft. and 6ft. lengths and are priced at $259 and $295, respectively. Visit for more information or to purchase a Studio Series Ballet Barre.