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Church stages are ready for live performances with Harlequin Floors

From Crosswalk Church in Williamsburg, Virginia to Gateway Church in Texas, Harlequin Floors has installed various performances surfaces on church stages. Harlequin range of marley vinyl floors are suitable for all types of live performance including dance, concerts and speaking engagements.

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Harlequin instrumental in fulfilling dreams at Collage Dance Collective

Collage Dance Collective, a Memphis-based ballet company and conservatory recently moved into a new state-of-the-art building, becoming the largest black dance company in the southern United States. After persevering through the unexpected challenges of the pandemic, the company moved into their brand new space in late 2020, which features five studios equipped with Harlequin sprung dance floor systems and ballet barres.

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What Does It Take to Make a Safe Outdoor Stage for Dance?

Dance Magazine,

Warmer weather is just around the corner, and with it comes a light at the end of a hibernation tunnel for many dance organizations: a chance to perform again. The great outdoors has become an often-preferred performance venue but, of course, nature likes to throw its curveballs.

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Start 2021 on Point…

Like everyone, Harlequin is looking forward to 2021, we hope that it is a year filled with more dance and performance. As we return to stage, studio and even the big screen, we have some ideas to get you back performing on the right foot… TAKE IT OUTSIDE Need to create an outdoor performance space?…

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Your Expert Guide to Choosing the Right Dance Floor

Whether you’re putting on a pair of pointe shoes, buckling your ballroom stilettos or lacing up your favorite high tops, the floor you’re on can make or break your dancing. No matter what your needs are, Harlequin Floors has your back, or rather, your feet. We rounded up six of their most popular and versatile floors: You…

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How to Make Your Home Studio Feel Like the Real Thing

In the three months that most studios across the country have been shuttered due to COVID-19, teachers and students alike have grown increasingly adept at teaching and taking class online. By encouraging your students to treat their home studio like the real thing (and doing the same for yourself!) you can optimize the virtual class…

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