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Dance floors are an integral part of the dance environment, yet little information is available for the dance community that concerns how dance floors may affect dancer performance, health, and safety. For the dedicated dancer striving to improve, injury can sadly be an all too common occurrence. By gaining knowledge concerning the relationship between dance floors and dancer performance and safety, the dance environment can be optimized in order to give dancers the best opportunities in their training.

The 2023 IADMS Conference Explored Dancers’ Physical & Mental Health

Here is a small sampling of the remarkable breadth of work presented and topics discussed at the 2023 IADMS Conference.

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Choosing the Right Floor for Dance

A good quality dance floor is essential for dancers to ensure that they have a safe and comfortable environment to perform in.

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Recycling of dance floor scraps for the sake of dancers’ health

Installing a dance floor, large quantities of vinyl often remain as a waste product. However, they can also be unexpectedly good for dancers.

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Getting Specified

The articles summarizes how every person on a company’s sales and marketing team can be specified for their company.

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Common Dance Injuries

No matter what style of dance you perform, dancing requires a great deal of flexibility, strength, and stamina. Hours of training, rehearsals, and performances can be very demanding on a dancer’s body, especially the lower body muscles and joints. 

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Supportive Flooring Is—Literally—the Key to Help Your Dancers Bounce Back Post-Pandemic

After making the most out of dancing in living rooms, driveways and basements, dancers have a newfound appreciation of the little things, like mirrored walls, sturdy barres and, especially, supportive flooring.

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