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Metallic Colors
Harlequin Floors’ Metallic Flooring Takes Stage Space to Next Level

Creative Handbook,

Harlequin Floors announced today Hi-Shine™ Metallic, the newest addition to their line of high gloss display floors. Hi-Shine Metallic features…

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New Technology: Imaging / Rigging / Effects

Lighting & Sound America,

Reversible Pro is the newest addition to Harlequin Floors’ line of portable vinyl floors. Reversible Pro features a reinforced mineral-fiber…

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Rev Pro
Introducing Reversible Pro

Press Release,

Harlequin Floors, the world leader in advanced technology flooring for dance, performing arts, entertainment and display, announced today Reversible Pro™,…

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Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga performs live

Good Morning America,

Lady Gaga performs live on Good Morning America on a Hi-Shine topped stage.

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Lend a Hand

Lend a Hand Project,

Harlequin donated flooring to the New Ballet Ensemble of Memphis as part of the Today show’s “Lend a Hand” project.

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TCDE Mag Image

TCDE Magazine,

When TCDE took on the challenge of helping to produce the World Children’s Festival on the Ellipse, next to The…

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